The Capsules are unique currency, but different from Credits.
When you point your mouse over the amount of your Capsules you will see additional information.
If you receive few new messages one after another in different categories (E.g. Battle reports, Fligths, System notifications) and you read the messages in one of these categories, all new messages that arrives after you have already opened the messages view will BE counted in the notification circle, but their category will not be highlighed.
If you suspect a player on your alliance to be a double agent, your alliance leader has the power to remove him from the alliance.
1. The home page is not loading;
2. The home page is loading, but it displays an error;
3. You are able to enter the game, but shortly after you are disconnected with an error;
4. There is another error;

Would you be so kind to tell us what the error says (if there is any).
There is a limitation of 1 personal message per day (2 if you are Premium player).
This limitation will be lifted/removed once you reach 150 Total points for Speed universes or 300 Total points for Ultra speed universes.
Problem is not on our side, please check with your internet provider
Need to refresh page before ships return

If there are any flights that were returning after you've load the Overpopulation screen and you haven't refreshed, the ships will not be shown, but will be deleted
because they will "exceed" the chosen amount of ships to keep
He purchased 4050 Credits, which means he reached level 3 and he received 30+30 stars:
To get a reward you will need to meet the minimun requirements: 1. have at least 15000 points. 2. be in the alliance 7 days before stargate starts. 3. be in the alliance when the startgate finishes. 4. not be banned. Did you meet the criteria?
Since the start of this universe players understand that it is a different universe with a different rules and different parameters. We cannot compensate for something that players know from the begining of the universe.
Each item and ship behaves differently in this universe for being a truthly endless server and this is done to balance the universe all other players understand this.
Players don't receive battle points if you kill Commander ships/Solar sattelites. Also, no points if you attack yourself, inactive players or an alliance member.
Every day between 01:00 CET and 04:00 CET the game is being updated and backed up.
Similar "interruptions" are possible in this time frame. Usually they don't last more than 15 minutes.
We will take a look into it. if player complains about your response: you have the option to block player to not recieve messages from him
Commander Ships are not designed as the ordinary ships. They have 3 states when built: On planet (ID), In flight (ID) and Dead.
If the game fails to complete a request (create a battle, return flight) it is possible that the status of the Commander Ship is not change.
We are not at liberty to share this kind of information even with you.
Your email address is the only way to verify ownership of your account.
If you have forgot it please make some suggestions of what it might be and we will try to assist you.
We will take a look into it
Please contact the payment company you have used to check if there is any issue on their side
If you have overpopulation on your planet you wouldn't be able to start Vacation.
I've checked yesterday at 2016-12-14 19:57:57 and the button was active.

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