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One way to improve is to upgrade your gear and weapons. This can be done through levelling up and gaining more gold and diamonds. Also, try to work on your ingame play. Focus on improving your positioning, aim, and strategy.
If you want to learn and practice the basics, check out the BOOTCAMP. If you want to learn more about FPS, go to BATTLEFIELD, select a mode, and click START.
If you look on the left side, you will see a few categories

HOT SALE: Where certain packages are on sale. Make sure to check it from time to time!

SUPERIOR: These are special weapons that enhance your attacks

AWAKEN: Awaken shows you some of the strongest weapons in the game

DAILY DEAL: Certain items will be on sale for a limited time. Make sure to check it from time to time as well!

VIP SPECIAL: Premium packages with special weapons and items
If you look at the top portion of SHOP, you can see the tabs. When clicking on the tabs, you can see additional categories to help you on your search.

HOT: These are packages or weapons that are on sale. Make sure to keep an eye out for them

WEAPON: Here, you have many weapons to choose from. Again, if you are looking for particular ones, look on the right side to scroll through the categories.

DRONE: This has additional drones to purchase for your needs.

ARMOR: This has additional armor for a stronger defense.

ITEM: This has additional items to boost your speed and defense. There are other items that players can purchase for other modes.

SKIN: Players can buy different skins to appear unique to other players.

NO SALE: Here, you can find items that have no special deals with them.
On Android, once you click to confirm the payment, Google Play will tell you the exact amount of money you will spend.
In some modes, drones are your friendly sidekicks who assist you in battle. If you go to PACK > DRONE PARTS, you can get free draws to win some Drone EXP Cards to level up your drones.
Guilds are areas where you can team up with other players to participate in matches such as Guild Wars. They offer a fun, rewarding method of connecting with other MANDOWN players.
A good way of gaining diamonds is through accomplishing tasks. These can give benefits such as gold, but can provide diamonds as well.
Spheres give you the chance to get rare weapons and items. Each sphere, when purchased, gives you a random yet special piece of loot and allows you to permanently keep your rare weapons.
You can have 12 characters in total. Symbols are allowed.
There are a large variety of games one can play in the Battlefield These modes are separated into the main categories of Team Mode, Drone, Blast Mode, Specialty Modes, Special, and PVP.
Subscribing to a VIP2 Level account or higher gives you unique Daily Login bonuses and new skins.
The DEPOT is your inventory, where you can select what weapons to use for battle.
The lottery offers a chance to obtain rare weapons and items. Participating in any of the three categories, Gem Lottery, Ultra, or Drone Parts, provides you with different potential benefits.
It is a premium package you can get with special weapons and items. It comes with perks that allow you to receive the gold chat font, gold, experience, increases in chances to get diamonds with headshots in RM, gun sets, and grenade caps. The higher the level you are, the more perks you receive.
There are various ways you can make friends. You can find them in the +Friend tab or Friend Invitation tab. You can also check for friend requests in the Requests tab. Lastly, you can add friends in the postgame screen after a match.
For some weapons, there is a trial option for seven days. It is a way for players to test a weapon at a lowered price if they are unsure whether they want to permanently purchase it. As the name suggests, the Perm option is to permanently keep the weapon.

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